Soft nougat of mussels and light tuna

Christmas are coming and we offer you a delicious recipe to pleasantly surprise everyone at these family parties. Ingredients: Yellowfin tuna in olive oil (2 cans) Marinated mussels (2 cans) Cheese spread (100 g.) Gelatine (4 sheets) Fennel Preparation: Open the cans and drain the oil well. Put the contents of the cans and cheese in […]


Queen Scallops with mushroom cream

Ingredients: 2 cans of queen scallops with king scallop sauce 200 g of seasonal mushrooms Chicken or vegetable broth 1 leek 1 potato 2 garlic cloves Soy Milk Olive oil Preparation: Wash and cut the mushrooms (boletus, wild mushrooms …) into regular pieces. Do the same with the leek, the potato and two garlic cloves […]


Sautéed vegetables with baby squid

Ingredients: 2 cans of baby squid in olive oil 1 carrot 1/2 zucchini 1/2 green pepper Cherry tomatoes Ginger Corn oil Soy sauce Fresh parsley Preparation: Wash and cut a carrot, half zucchini and half green pepper into julienne. In a wok type pan, sauté the vegetables with 3 tablespoons of corn oil with the […]


Lasagna albacore tuna belly, roasted eggplant and basil

Ingredients: • 1 can of albacore tuna belly in olive oil • Fresh basil (to taste) • 100 gr. crushed tomatoes • 100 gr. eggplant • 20 gr. flour • 2 0g . butter • 0,25 l. semi-skimmed milk Preparation: Cook the chopped tomatoes and simmer for about 10 minutes. Add the tuna belly Albacore […]


Cockles with mushrooms, orange and aioli of basil

Ingredients: • 1 can of cockles natural • Wild Mushroom (12 units) • 50 gr. of Orange • 20 gr. of onion • 50 gr. mayonnaise • 2 g . of garlic • Fresh basil (4 sheets) Preparation: Clean the mushrooms by removing the foot (we can save for another recipe ) and mark them […]


Rice with mussels

Ingredientes: • 2 medium cans of mussels in pickled sauce • 100 g of rice per person • Peas • Onion • Tomatoes • Parsley • Salt • Pepper Preparación: Sauté enough finely chopped onion in a saucepan. Once browned, add the tomato, the chopped parsley and the peas. Season with spices, black pepper and salt. […]


Fish with cockle sauce

Ingredients: • 1  can of natural cockles • 1 fish fillet (of your choice) • Lemon • 2 garlic cloves • 60 ml de ajo • 60 ml of Ribeiro wine • Virgin olive oil • Fresh parsley • Frozen Brussels sprouts   Preparation: Lightly fry the chopped garlic in three tablespoons of olive oil. Pour a small […]


Razor-shells in a pasta nest

Ingredients 2 p. • 2 cans of 120g of natural razor-shells • 1 packet of nest-shaped pasta • Rosemary • Extra virgin olive oil • Garlic salt • Salt • Soy sauce Preparation Boil the pasta in water, oil and salt in a frying pan; cook for the half time indicated in the packet. Once the […]


Natural cockles aspic

Ingredients 2 p. • 1 Can of natural cockles • Agar-Agar (in specialised shops) • Vegetable broth Preparation Cook a vegetable broth and add the water of the cockles can, straining with a thin sieve; Thick 400 gr of this broth on a medium heat with 4 g of agar-agar. Remove from the heat and whisk vigorously […]


Mackerel skewer with fresh tomato

Ingredients 2 p. • 1 can of mackerel in oil • 1 ripe tomato • Spring onion • Black sesame seeds • Tartines • Thyme • Rosemary • Olive oil • Salt Preparation Firstly, place the spring onion cut into thin shreds on a round toast spread with oil. Then, place a slice of ripe and peeled tomato, and cover with […]

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