1 June, 2016

Razor-shells in a pasta nest


Ingredients 2 p.

• 2 cans of 120g of natural razor-shells
• 1 packet of nest-shaped pasta
• Rosemary
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Garlic salt
• Salt
• Soy sauce


Boil the pasta in water, oil and salt in a frying pan; cook for the half time indicated in the packet. Once the time has passed, taking care not to undo the nest shape, move the nests to one plate in order to put them on top of the oven for 6 minutes at 200°C with a few branches of rosemary. At the same time, sauté the razor-shells in a non-stick frying pan with their juice and with some drops of oil. Once heated, remove the nests from the oven, sprinkle the pasta with a little bit of garlic salt and place the razor-shells on top. Complete with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce before serving.

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