CONNORSA’s key to providing canned fish and seafood of excellent quality lies in the demanding quality standards we apply in all the processes of the production chain, from the moment the raw material is selected to the opening and tasting of the finished product.

Raw materials

We select raw materials responsibly from sustainable sources that respect the marine environment, using selective fishing methods that respect the natural marine environment and its species.


Traditional hand-packing, which is very prevalent in a large part of our activity, is combined with the latest technology applied to the canning sector to guarantee excellence throughout the entire production process of our preserves, from handling the raw material, cooking it, adding covering liquids or sauces that we prepare in our kitchen with natural ingredients, to hermetically sealing and sterilising the final product.


Constant innovation has allowed us to evolve and adapt our production processes in a constant and sustained way to maintain our position as a leading reference in technology and quality.


Our know-how is backed by the highest international standards in terms of quality and food safety, which makes our preserves some of the most highly valued in all markets.


We have one of the most advanced solutions in the sector, including mobile bases, with capacity for 8,600 pallets, organised according to their characteristics and demand, ready for dispatch. This allows us to operate in an agile manner in storage tasks, product access and stock control.


CONNORSA is located in the heart of the Rías Baixas, close to the port of Vigo (Pontevedra, Spain), which is a central point in the world’s maritime routes and highly specialised in moving high-value goods. We guarantee the dispatch of our products to any market in the world. We have an efficient transport fleet to distribute our products to any part of the national territory.


The demanding selection of raw materials, the careful preparation of our products and CONNORSA’s commitment to quality, innovation and the natural environment are embodied by our main brand CABO DE PEÑAS, a benchmark of flavour, quality and naturalness spanning more than a century of history.

Our preserves are distributed in different formats, with a wide variety of recipes and ranges. Our products, which comply with the most demanding international quality and food safety certifications, are present in the main national and international distribution chains, the Horeca channel, specialised channels and online shops, among others.


We produce healthy, natural and sustainable food, guaranteeing the final quality of the product in a comprehensive catalogue adapted to the needs of the market. We guarantee full traceability of our products, reaffirming our motto “from the sea to the table”. Our CABO DE PEÑAS packaging is 100% recyclable and uses cardboard from sustainable forests, certified by FSC.


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