CONNORSA is one of the leading companies in the fish and seafood canning sector in Spain, the country with the second largest production volume in the world and a long-standing history of canning. With four decades of experience, we have forged a solid and trustworthy track record with the entire value chain, from our suppliers to the end consumer.

Each can is the result of combining quality and tradition, preserving all the qualities of the raw product in a rigorous way in each of the processes involved in its production, preserving above all the sustainability of our seas and the environment that surround us. Our expertise and the quality of our products have enabled us to export them to more than 27 countries, and we are present on all five continents.

We differentiate ourselves by maintaining traditional processes that guarantee the best perceived product quality and which, combined with the most advanced technology and innovation, have allowed us to become an efficient and responsible company, ready to respond to the needs of a changing market and consumers, who are increasingly more informed and demanding.


Quality is the common denominator in all the processes involved in the production and marketing of our products. Compliance with the highest standards of quality and food safety have been implicit in our company’s DNA since our foundation.

CONNORSA’S Quality Policy

CONNORSA'S Environmental Policy



We are committed to our consumers, customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society in general because we understand sustainability not only in terms of quality and respect for the environment, but also in terms of respect for all those involved in the production cycle and the society in which we operate.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in our exclusive use of raw materials from sustainable sources that respect the marine environment. The conservation of the environment and natural resources is a priority and a global necessity for which companies such as CONNORSA are also guarantors and responsible.

All the raw materials used in the production of our preserves come from legal, regulated fishing, from boats committed to sustainable fisheries. We guarantee traceability throughout the supply chain: for each batch of raw material we have the corresponding information of origin, detailing the FAO fishing area and the method used in each case. Responsibility from sea to fork.

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