22 April, 2016

White tuna belly with scallions and romesco sauce



• 1 can of albacore tuna belly in olive oil
• 4 small and tender scallions
• lemon thyme
• chives
• romesco sauce


Wrap the scallions with salt and oil in an aluminium foil. Bake them on a pan for 10 minutes and medium heat, or over an oven tray with some water, bake at 150ºC. After 10 minutes test the tenderness. Place on a long shaped plate a base made with the romesco sauce, the scallions over it, and the white tuna belly.

Finally, add some leaves of lemon thyme, the chives cutted into pieces an the olive oil from the can.

Note: The romesco sauce is made of tomato, almond, pepper, paprika, bread, vinegar and oil.

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