Cabo de Peñas Premium Line adheres to the seal of quality “Berberecho de Noia”

Cabo de Peñas Premium Line adheres to the quality seal “Berberecho de Noia. Rías Gallegas. Pesca Artesanal”, differentiating its products by their extraordinary quality, origin and flavour.

Berberecho de Noia. Rías Gallegas. Pesca Artesanal, is a seal of quality that guarantees that the origin of the captures is own of the shellfish banks that manages the fishermen’s guild of Noia, that the fishing arts are artisanal and sustainable and that the captures are made in the precise moment for a maximum quality and authenticity of the cockles.

Noia’s cockle has worldwide recognition for its size, quality and taste, the result of its place of origin, a habitat where its unique natural conditions are unique, and where it is harvested with all the guarantees of sustainability.

From 17 to 20 October, the IV “Berberecho de Noia” Exaltation Conference was held, organised by the Fishermen’s Guild of Noia and whose aim is to enhance the Berberecho de Noia collective brand and the environment that surrounds it. It should be noted that the conference included the participation of brands adhered to the seal of quality, as was the case of Cabo de Peñas Premium Line it belongs, CONNORSA.

Cockles Cabo de Peñas Premium Line seal “Cockles of Noia”


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