Conservas del Noroeste S.A. obtains SAE certification

Conservas del Noroeste SA, Connorsa, has obtained the SAE (Specific Self-Control System) certification, which allows it to export its products to third country markets, including those with special requirements and different from those required in the EU, among which highlights the Chinese giant.

This new certification, which joins an already existing list of international certifications in food safety and quality, is obtained after successfully completing a complex independent audit of the systems implemented by our company to ensure the correct and complete traceability of the products to be exported and compliance with all the requirements established by the country of destination.

The requirements of the SAE are included in Royal Decree 993/2014, which establishes the procedure and requirements of the official veterinary certification for export. With this new certification CONNORSA ensures the opening to new markets and guarantees the fulfillment of all the sanitary requirements to these countries.


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