20 April, 2016

Sardines with gnocchi and tetilla cheese


Ingredients 2 p.

• 1 can of sardines in olive oil
• 200 g of gnocchi
• 6 wild asparagus
• Whole milk
• Single cream
• 1120 g of Tetilla cheese
• 60 g of cream cheese
• Butter
• 1 egg


For preparing the tetilla sauce: heat 125 ml of milk with 75 ml of single cream until it reaches 80 º C. Add the tetilla cheese and the cream cheese. Lower the heat to the minimum. Add salt and pepper and allow to cool. Add the egg yolk and stir in a boiling water bath.

Cook the gnocchi according to the manufacturer indications and set aside.
Sauté the wild asparagus with a tablespoon of butter and finely chopped garlic. When ready, add the gnocchi and cover with the tetilla sauce. Finally, add the sardines in olive oil slightly drained and serve.

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