CONNORSA receives the awards for Best Agri-food SME in Galicia

Innovation and guaranteeing product quality has been, since its origins, the main objective for CONSERVAS DEL NOROESTE (CONNORSA), which is why it has been awarded the prize for Best Agri-food SME in Galicia at the awards given by the Carrefour group.

The aim of these awards is to recognise and highlight the work of regional and local agri-food companies in Galicia that stand out for their quality and image in the markets.

The award ceremony, held on 18 June in A Coruña, was attended by various personalities and representatives of different entities such as Rosa Quintana, Regional Minister of the Sea of the Xunta de Galicia; Emilio Ortiz, general manager of CONNORSA; Juan Vieites, general secretary of ANFACO-CECOPESCA; and executives of the Carrefour group.


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