We renew the image of our brand Cabo de Peñas

Connecting the essence and purpose of a century-old brand with the sensibility of today’s consumers is the aim of the new image of our Cabo de Peñas brand, in which we are committed to modernity, simplicity and a link with our origins.

In addition, we wanted to revalue canned fish and seafood as a fundamental element of a balanced diet by including, within the new packaging of the 3 product lines (Traditional, Organic and Gran Selección), extended information on their nutritional attributes, highlighting the presence of vitamins, natural proteins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids.

The new packaging also has the FSC seal that certifies that the cardboard used in all its boxes comes from natural sources managed in a sustainable way.

And not only that, thanks to our differential elements, such as the care of our raw material, quality, tradition, innovation and our origin, Cabo de Peñas has been recognised with the Galicia Quality seal.

“Preservationists” of everything worthwhile

Since 1898, Cabo de Peñas has been recognised for the quality and flavour of its preserves, but its purpose today goes beyond that. True to its principles and values, the brand’s strategy responds to the commitment to conserve and respect the environment in which it operates, the Galician Rias, minimising the impact through responsible fishing, caring for the workers of a century-old activity, supporting the professional development of the sector and generating wealth; highlighting the product, putting 100% healthy and natural food on the market, and defending tradition, incorporating innovation without losing the essence. All this is what defines the concept of “Conservacionistas” and which has been joined as ambassador by Lucía Freitas, a Galician chef with a Michelin Star, who proposes a cuisine that preserves tradition through innovation without losing sight of sustainability, the commitment to tasty yet healthy products and maximum respect for the raw material.


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