Nurturing Lucía Vázquez’s dream

We are very proud to have been supporting Lucía Vazquez’s career since 2014. That year we became personal sponsors of the cyclist from Vilaboa, making it possible for her to continue her progression and complete a high-level worldwide calendar, participating in internationally renowned competitions throughout Europe.

This decision was based on our commitment to women’s sport and our land, and of course, taking into account the values transmitted by Lucia Vazquez, her sacrifice and talent in such a demanding specialty.

She is currently focused on the discipline of Mountain Bike XC, with the aim of participating in the Olympic Games to be held in Rio in August 2016.

At the moment Spain does not have any female place, despite the fact of having three cyclists scoring for the Olympic ranking, and she having obtained most points this year. She is very close to obtain a place, although it will not be easy. It will be essential to compete at the highest level at the beginning of the year. Therefore, she is focused on the highest international category: World Cups, competitions around Central Europe and the Iberian Peninsula.

Her goals for 2016 are twofold: to continue improving her position in the UCI ranking, in order to obtain a place in the Olympics and become the best Spanish cyclist.

Good luck, Lucía!


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